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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Begin the Beguine

"They say that all good things must end someday. Autumn leaves must fall."
~A Summer Song

Well...Labor Day has come and gone and officially, summer has ended. I really can't complain, as my summer has been marvelous. It was filled with vacations, beaches, baseball games, novels, margaritas, and dancing. Summers in the future will be filled with productivity, so I am glad to have been able to have this one last blast of rest and relaxation.

Law school is up and running again. I'm enjoying my classes, even though I've been the first called on in two of my classes (oh, the joys of cold-calling). My favorite is Environmental Law, although Evidence is a close second.

What's more interesting is the influx of 1Ls...God help me, I want to smack them.

Exhibit A: Rolling back-packs
Is it just me, or does every new student have one of these? Come on people...if I can lug my books around in my backpack or messenger bag, surely you can do it too. I understand if you're older or have a disability, but these young 22 year olds have no excuse. These are also a huge contributor to elevator delays (because they can't POSSIBLY pick up the bag for ONE flight of stairs).

Exhibit B: Law School Theater
As I type in the student lounge, there is a group of girls discussing contract law. If by discussing you mean, "screaming over each other while looking around the room to see who is watching". It's one thing to be in a study group and try to work through some inevitable confusion of course work, but I really don't want to hear your valley-girl "Look-at-me-I'm-sooo-smart" screeches. I know that lawyer-types tend to like attention, but seriously, this is ridiculous.

Ugh. That beach in Cozumel is looking more and more tempting to return to...


Blogger Dima said...

Oh man, Exhibit B is on display every fall semester for about a month, until they realize that they know the least of everyone around them. Smacking is definitely what needs be done to them!

9/06/2006 10:36 AM  

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