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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Time May Change Me

I've had the song "Seasons of Love" from Rent stuck in my head all day today. It was about last year at this time (the day after Thanksgiving, actually) that I saw the movie. I can't believe a year has passed by already. They say time flies when you're having fun. T minus one month until finals…this is why I've been behind in posting entries. All of my typing energy has been towards outlining classes. Oh how fun, indeed. Wait, where did all the leaves on the trees go?

Seasons change, feelings change, people change. ~Expose

It's astounding to me just how much life can change in a year. Last year my life was going down a completely different path than it is right now. These same people and situations are still in my life, but have been altered…some for worse and some for better. Moreover, new people and situations have entered my life, creating even more change.

To everything, there is a season. ~Ecclesiastes

Although life may be unpredictable, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Change creates possibility and hope. While it might be slightly unsettling to this traditionalist, it challenges me to constantly reevaluate my choices and myself.

You must be the change you want to see in the world. ~M. Gandhi


Blogger sweatingnutella said...

I. But I Can't Change Time.
A. Time as a Human Construct
B. Time Without Man

II. Remainderpersons

III. Ecclesiastes
A. Vanity
B. Wisdom

Wait a second, where am I? Is it night time? The answer is fee simple. No, fee tail. Wait that hasn't been used since Ecclesiastes. F'ing hell. The answer is C), definitely C.

11/16/2006 11:08 AM  
Blogger Jess said...

Danny - You always leave the best comments.

Thanks for the smile on yet another day of studying.

11/18/2006 11:02 PM  

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