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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hungry for a Piece...of Something

I grab a cab to meet Kodiak for pizza at Piece. Cab drivers are interesting characters, and this guy is no exception.

Me: North, Damen and Milwaukee, please. Actually, I’m going to Piece, if you know where that is.
Driver: PIECE?!?! They have amazing pizza there!
Me: Ooh, I know! I take it you’re a fan?
Driver: Um, no. I’ve actually never eaten there. But my customers all rave about it.

We drive for about 5 minutes. He glances in his rearview mirror...

Driver: I’m kinda hungry. Maybe I can come in and join you?
Me: Erm, hahaha. Maybe another night, OK?

It’s not unusual for cabbies to flirt with me. Many times I’ll get asked if I have a boyfriend, and usually I just laugh it off and they get the hint. Not this guy. As we pull up to the restaurant…

Driver: So, when are we going to go? Don’t wait too long…I really want to go. What night works for you?

Well, he certainly was determined. But not as determined as I was to get the heck out of that cab…


Blogger Foley Mason Family said...

When you are done with the bar you better post on here again! So I did one of those blog questionnaires and tagged you so it will give you something to write about. (look at my blog for it)
I miss you!

7/24/2008 10:53 AM  

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