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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

CTA Chivalry

It's 9 in the morning. I'm on my way to school and lugging my backpack around during rush hour on the CTA.

I board the train, and there are two available seats. But both seats are occupied with crap from the people sitting next to them.

I look at both of the guys who have spewed their bags, papers, and briefcases on the seats, hoping that they'll clear a seat for me. No such luck.

I ask Seat Hog #1, "Excuse me, but can I sit there?" His reply: "Ha ha...I saw you looking between the two seats looking for a spot to sit." He haphazardly sweeps his papers off the seat.

Seat Hog #2, who still has his briefcase and bag on the seat next to him, says "Yeah! Kick butt and name names! We've only paid for one seat, right? Girl's gotta speak up for herself!!" Notice that he still hasn't cleared the seat, even though ten other people are standing with no place to sit.


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